Dawson & Associates LLC   134 Northwoods Blvd 2 Columbus,OH43235   (740) 368-0200
Dawson & Associates LLC
134 Northwoods Blvd 2
ColumbusOH 43235
 (740) 368-0200

Reviews Of Dawson & Associates LLC

4.60 5 Reviews
Jen Lawrence
Sep 09, 2017

Always great to work with. The team is very helpful and creative. One of my favorite firms.

C Kaz
Sep 09, 2017

Shane Dawson is an expert in his field. Reliable, dependable, thorough- I recommend his firm for employer defense legal matters.

R.J. Lowery
Aug 12, 2017

Have known and done business with Shane Dawson for 20 years. If my new company ever were to need workers' comp, sexual harassment or any employment defense representation, Dawson & Associates LLC would be our first call! His team of attorneys and paralegals are top notch!

Jared Buker
Mar 16, 2016

Theresa Potter
Sep 15, 2013

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