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Common Lawsuits and What to Do if You Become a Defendant

Common Lawsuits and What to Do if You Become a Defendant

If you own a business in Ohio, do not make the mistake of believing that you will never be the subject to a lawsuit. Savvy business owners know they should be prepared by speaking with an experienced law firm about what to expect, before a lawsuit occurs.

Losing a lawsuit and being subject to a large jury award or having to pay out a large settlement can ruin a business. Even the costs associated with a successful defense can be a financial blow for many companies.  To help you avoid this fate, or at least help to mitigate the damage, here are some suggestions for businesses to consider.

First, consult with an experienced attorney to review your company’s policies and practices.  Installing the right policies that fit your business is important so you and your employees can work within the policies and you can help limit liability.

Second, when faced with a potentially troubling or unusual situation, call your counsel to work through strategies that help to avoid liability.  Solutions should work to both help reduce the risk of lawsuits and accomplish the goals of the organization.

Finally, sometimes you will do everything right – and you will still find your business served with a lawsuit.  Don’t ignore it.  Lawsuits don’t just go away.  Talk to your attorney right away and be prepared to provide your lawyer with the information he or she will need to determine the best course of action for you.

What Your Business Could be Liable For

A common claim faced by Ohio businesses are claims for discrimination. Federal laws, state statutes and even local ordinances protect employees from a variety of discriminatory practices in the employment setting.  Some of these; such as race, gender, religion, national origin, etc., are well known.  Other protections address disability, age, and medical leave.  Whether these protections apply to your employees and what actions potentially violate these requirements can seem overwhelming to many businesses.  An experienced attorney can help guide your business’ actions to help avoid the situations that give rise to lawsuits and liability.

However, sometimes you may find your business involved in a lawsuit regardless of how carefully you follow the rules in this complicated area of law. If and when that occurs, it is important to call your attorney (or find one) quickly.  Make sure your attorney understands and practices in the area of law with which you are dealing.  Be prepared to invest time obtaining information and providing background to your attorney so he or she can properly evaluate the situation and recommend the best course of action for your business.  Maybe an aggressive defense is the best strategy.  Or, an early settlement may be in the company’s best interest.  A good lawyer always keeps your interest in mind.

No matter how well-prepared you are, you may find yourself the defendant of a business liability lawsuit. Customers, vendors, employees and others are all potential claimants against you.

What to Do if You Become a Defendant

If your Ohio business, large or small, has employees, then it should build a relationship with a law firm experienced in the area of employment law. For more than a decade, Dawson & Associates LLC has built its reputation as one of Ohio’s most respected employment and workers’ compensation defense practices by providing effective and efficient legal services that place client needs first. Our legal team has over 83-plus years of experience and has the ability and resources to handle matters for employers of all sizes.

If you find yourself in a lawsuit, give the office of Dawson & Associates LLC a call to schedule a consultation. We can advise you on the best plan of action and give you the professional legal services you need to protect your business.

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